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Pit Bull Guitars offers the largest range of Unfinished DIY Electric Guitar and Bass Kits in the world.

We keep stock of unique kits that you will not find anywhere else, because we have custom ordered them from our Factory at the request of our Community Forum members.

Pit Bull Guitars range of Electric Guitar Kits and Bass Guitar Kits represents the absolute best value-for-money kits worldwide.

Our factory, in mainland China, manufactures quality electric guitars and basses for the world market; including some of the most recognised brands.  You save by building and finishing these kits yourself.

Pit Bull Guitars kits start from under $100… What are you waiting for?

Stratocaster(TM) Style Kits

Telecaster(TM) Style Kits

Les Paul(TM) Style Kits

SG(TM) Style Kits

Explorer(TM) Style Kits

Hollow Body Kits

7 String Kits


Shredding Kits

Other Electric Guitar Kits

Left Handed Kits

Bass Guitar Kits