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Guitar of the Month

December 2018

SonicMountain’s Steampunker YB-4 Bass kit is the Judges’ pick this month.


SonicMountain says:

“It’s done!

Formally introducing ‘The Steampunker’

As per the build thread I finally got some suitable strings and completed setup today.

So, it’s based on the Y-B4 kit it has a maple neck (With an awesome flame in it) and a bass wood body. Finished in Japan Brown stain with Cabots satin exterior poly. Fretboard stained with Japan Black and sealed with poly.

Stock pickups, after market pots and 3 way switch and ‘custom’ wired similar to a Telecaster.

Hand carved (with a dremel) tentacles, TRC and full custom bridge out of 3mm brass plate (thanks Frankie!)

Modified for string through.

PBG replacement Black Tuners

D’Addario Flat Wound Super Long Scale strings.”


You can see the impressive amount of work that went into creating this Beast in SonicMountain’s Build Diary, here.

November 2018

EdGomes surprised everyone with his TLA-1 with “Double Purfling”.  So good.



Here’s what Ed has to say about his build:

“It was a challenge to decide which finish style I would like, then I found a very famous guitar brand that unfortunately I can’t afford it, called Knaggs. I put my skills as Designer plus my interest in resin art. Few drawings after I decided to start with a Telecaster style looking like Knaggs (double purfling).  The specs:
– Telecaster kit from Pit Bull Guitars; ash body, maple neck, maple fretboard
– Tonerider Vintage Plus pickups
– Standard electronics
– Oil finish Birchwood Casey (back&neck)
– Coffee + Black Japan Stain (darken ash)
– DingoTone Black Stump (top, faded black effect)
– Clear resin (top)
– Clear resin + Blue pearl powder (Purfling)
– Bridge: Gotoh BS-TC2
– Grover Chrome 6 Inline Mini Locking Rotomatics
– Wooden Custom Pickguard (Aussie wood sandwich)

The guitar looks good, plays smoothly, more mods will come such as electronics, nut, jack and strap locks. The pickups are very balanced, I love it.

Hope you guys like it.”


October 2018

DarkMark’s ES-5V was the Judges’ selection for GOTM October 2018.

“ES-5V hand stained burst with Tru Oil finish. Stock apart from strap holders, Tusq nut, rosewood knobs, truss rod cover, modified bridge, chromes strings and standard size audio and linear pots. Made a scratch plate but couldn’t bring myself to put it on.”


September 2018

GOTM for September 2018 goes to Andyxlh’s Custom AG-1 in Mahogany finish.


Custom AG kit, ordered with block inlay bound neck, Mahogany neck and body.
Finished in Feast Watson Mahogany and cleared with spray pack Cabots poly gloss
Pickups Tonerider AC2
Bone nut (still not glued in!)
Roller string saddle, otherwise all the bits are stock. The tone controls are not wired in (like Angus) and the knobs are unused castoff from my RC4 kit.
The machine heads are stock with buttons bought from eBay and adapted to fit.
Managed to lose the treble rhythm washer, but I’m ok without it!

August 2018

Blinddrew’s understated ES-5V, with clear stain and handmade touches is the GOTM for August 2018.


Grover tuners, bone nut, upgraded CTS pots, Schaller strap-locks, home-made knobs, scratch-plate and truss-rod cover.


July 2018

FrankenWashie’s Custom ST Kit, with a stunning Natural finish, was the Judges’ choice for GOTM July 2018.


FrankenWashie says:

“Kit (is) stock other than:
-volume pot that required changing out, now Alpha Mini 500k
– aftermarket Gotoh string trees.

The finish is clear gloss Rustoleum on the body, and DT clear on the neck, finished Satin for easy playing and it is SILKY to play.

I have deliberately left the body unfilled to highlight the grain structures and pattern. I wanted the body to remain a tactile element under your hands as you play and handle it. It is a similar story on the head, allowing the finer grain feel to come through on the front and rear.

The pickups are bright and break up well, I angsted with changing them out for a while, but I want to play them in and see how they go.”

June 2018

The finish and choice of mods and upgrades on this JM-1 build, by Nitroburner1000, are on another level.

Here’s what Nitroburner1000 says about this build:

“As the JM-1 comes with a Fender style bridge and is not setup for a jaguar bridge and tremolo assembly, I had to custom route for the bridge and tremolo setup and custom make the pickguard from a blank.

This guitar is setup like a normal jaguar but with these differences.
The top horn switch in the up position activates the neck pickup with a separate volume and tone control set in the chrome add-on.
When the switch is in the down position it activates the humbucker and the middle pickups with their separate bass, treble and volume knobs.
The difference here is that the lower 3 switches have been wired as 1) master volume 2) treble cut tone 3) bass cut tone. These are generally referred to as G&L Style PTB Tone Stacks. They have a very interesting sound.

The last 3 switches are on and off switches for the 3 pickups.

The body and headstock are finished in candy apple red with a 2k clear over the top. It has 4 primers, 3 silver basecoats, 3 cherry apple red coats, 2 clear coats, then 2 more cherry apple red coats finished with 4 coats of clear.

The headstock decal was redesigned by (Forum member) SonicMountain, painted and applied by myself and coated with 6 coats of wipe on poly then polished.
Grover tuners, aftermarket knobs, and chrome accessories, and Warman pickups.”

May 2018

This stunning LP-1SS, by TRV, is Guitar of the Month for May.

TRV says:

The Spalted Maple ‘Halcyon’

It features Lace Dissonant Aggressor pickups, modern wiring and two coil-split push/pull volume controls (no treble bleed)

The build diary can be seen here: trv’s Spalted Maple LP-1SS

Upgraded parts:
– Grover Keystone tuners
– Modified Gibson truss rod cover
– Graphtech TUSQ nut
– Switchcraft 3-way toggle switch
– Lace Dissonant Aggressor pickup set
– Gotoh Tune-o-matic bridge
– Gotoh ‘Stop’ tailpiece
– CTS push/pull DPDT 500K volume pots & CTS 500K tone control pots
– Orange Drop .022uF caps
– Switchcraft output jack
– Grover strap buttons
– Various guards, rings, knobs, etc.

– Minwax Oriental Ginger, Saman Hop & Saman Black stain
– Sunburst painted with Createx Wicked Jet Black airbrush paint
– Tru-Oil finish (38-44 coats depending on the area of the guitar, not counting touch-ups)
– Hand cut celluloid logo inlay
– Screen printed wordmark


April 2018

2 Months in a row for our JBA-4 Ash body Bass kit.  This month Guvna’s JBA-4 was the Judges pick for Guitar of the month.  Can’t fault that Blue stain.

Here’s what Guvna says about the build:

“finish: ebony timbermate
craftsman pigmented stain (nitrocellulose-based stain) ‘tinted’ with green/blue tinters by hand
wattyl rediseal nitro sealer ‘toned’ with green/blue tints sprayed
wattyl Stylwood pre-cat nitro lacquer sprayed
back of neck/headstock is just sealer and clear coats

hardware: used all the stock Pit Bull Guitars kit parts
great fun building and now playing this kit – cheers all!”


March 2018

Congratulations OzzBike on your JBA-4 Build, our Guitar of the Month for March 2018

PBG Jazz Bass Ash Body with Blackwood neck.

Walnut Timbermate ONLY….then Feast Watson Fine Buffing Oil then Gilly Stephensons cabinetmakers wax then Bowdens Own Carnauba Wax

Vintage Amber Colortone stain….about ten coats of Tru Oil and then Bowdens Own Carnauba Wax.

Gotoh elephant ear tuners
Tusq nut
Wilkinson Bridge
All parts bridge and neck pickup chrome ashtray covers
All parts thumb rest
Strap Locks

1 x Bourns Premium 250K push pull series/parrallel pot, 1 x dishback CTS 250K A curve volume pot, 1 x dishback CTS 250K A curve tone pot
Orange Drop .473uf cap
Switchcraft jack socket
Tone Rider Jazz Bass neck and bridge pickups
Vintage push back wiring everywhere except for bridge earth wire.


February 2018

Sonic Mountain’s “Black Cherry” SG-1 was the judges’ pick for February 2018 Guitar of the Month.

Specs: Customised Grover Tuners
Custom Truss Rod Cover
Lace Alumitone Pickups
Gotoh Push/Pull volume pots that switch either Humbucker to single coil
All Parts Chrome Knurled Knobs
Stock bridge, nut and Tail Piece – to be upgraded at some point, but are actually quite nice anyway.
Ernie Ball 10’s
Finish is Black stain, red fountain pen ink, black stain again then multiple coats of Septone clear top coat and about a million hours of cutting and polishing.

January 2018

Congratulations to Adam Barnes, whose stunning GR-1SF was the Judges’ pick for January 2018 Guitar of the Month.

Specs: GR-1SF stained with Dingotone Bushfire Sunrise and Black Stump, clear coating with Tru Oil.

Upgrades: Gretsch Blacktop Filtertron pickups , Bournes mini pots, braided wire, Graphtec tusq nut and a Roller bridge.


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