Tonerider Hot90N-BK Hot 90 Neck – Black


Hot 90 Soapbar Neck Pickup – Black

Cut through the mix and demand to be heard!

The Hot 90s are overwound, and powered by a pair of cast Alnico V bar magnets. With more attack and a more sizzling, harmonically rich bass than most P90s, this set is perfect for the hard blues and rock oriented P90 fan.

Construction-wise, each Hot 90 pickup offers incredible attention to detail. Nickel-Silver is used for the baseplate, and the hook-up wire is vintage-spec braided single conductor wire. The neck and bridge pickups are a RWRP set, offering hum-cancelling performance in mid-position when used with a standard three-way toggle.

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Hot 90 – Neck Pickup – Black

  • HOT 90 NECK

    Model H90N
    Magnets Alnico 5 Bar
    DCR 7.8k
    Inductance 6.6H
    Hookup Wire Vintage Braid
    Winding Direction Counter-Clockwise
    Baseplate Nickel Silver

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