Tonerider Octane Alnico 8 Bridge Humbucker – Black


Tonerider Octane Alnico 8 Bridge Humbucker – Black

The all-new Octane humbucker from Tonerider delivers more aggressive, tighter lead lines and focused power chords. Built using a custom Alnico 8 magnet and two different gauges of magnet wire on each bobbin, the Octane is warmer than ceramic magnet pickups, and allows for amazing harmonic complexity at high gain settings.

Made specifically for use in bridge positions, the Octane is equally suited to high-gain Classic Rock, Metal and Djent. The rich harmonics also tighten up your tone when drop-tuned.


Covers: The first run is available in black with more colours to come soon.

Bridge Polepiece Spacing: The first run of Octane pickups are only available in 50mm spacing.

Baseplates: All Tonerider humbuckers are built with medium-length 9mm baseplate legs for easy installation in a wide variety of instruments.

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Check out the Tonerider Octane demo:

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Tonerider Octane Alnico 8 Bridge Humbucker – Black


Model TRH3B
Magnets Alnico 8 Bar
DCR 12.9k
Inductance 6.5H
Hookup Wire 4-Conductor
Scatter Medium
Baseplate Nickel Silver
Year Introduced 2016

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