“There is nothing as satisfying as playing a guitar that you have built yourself.”

Building your own guitar is such a rewarding and fun experience.  Unfortunately, building a guitar from scratch is beyond the reach of most guitarists; it’s complicated, very expensive and time consuming.  It also requires access to some highly specialised tools.

Pit Bull Guitars offers an easy, affordable and quality alternative: electric guitar kits.  Everything you need (except a few basic tools) to make your very own electric guitar!

The Pit Bull Guitars Team

The team of electric guitar enthusiasts behind Pit Bull Guitars has around 100 years combined experience with playing, recording and customising electric guitars.  Using this knowledge and experience, we have sourced the highest quality and best value electric guitar kits on the market.

Not only do we offer high quality electric guitar kits, from only $125, we also provide a comprehensive database of Videos to guide you through every step in making your guitar.

Our team has worked hard to provide the ultimate “one-stop” resource for anyone interested in building their own electric guitar.  As well as the Videos, there’s a Community Forum for exchanging ideas on anything to do with making your guitar.  Start your own “My Build Diary” to document every step of your build and get help (if you need it) along the way. There’s even a Gallery where you can show off your guitar when you’ve finished it.

So please, have a look around the site and check out the guitar kits we have on offer.  The fun really begins when you’ve purchased the guitar kit that’s just right for you.

Enjoy your Pit Bull Guitars experience!

Adam Boyle

Pit Bull Guitars