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Dingotone Natural Guitar Finish is an all-natural, professional guitar finish inspired by the raw, earthy colours of the great, sunburnt country that is home to it’s namesake fauna, the Dingo.

From the deep, rich reds of the Kimberley and Uluru, to the untamed greens of the Tasmanian wilderness, the vivid blues of Bondi and the gold of Coolangatta, Dingotone Natural Guitar Finish reflects the diverse, natural colours of the Australian landscape.

“Natural” is a philosophy that Dingotone takes very seriously.  Unlike other guitar finishes, there are no harmful chemical ingredients; everything in Dingotone Natural Guitar Finish is 100% natural.  You will appreciate this as soon as you open a bottle and take in the heady citrus aroma.

Dingotone also believes strongly in the maximising the tonal properties of your guitar’s wood.  Whilst “Two Pack” and Polyurethane finishes can look stunning, they can restrict the natural, tonal properties of your guitar.  Dingotone’s philosophy is “let the wood speak”.  Dingotone Natural Guitar Finish absorbs into the wood and self-levels, leaving your guitar to resonate at it’s natural frequencies.

Dingotone is proudly distributed by Pit Bull Guitars.

How to Apply Dingotone Natural Guitar Finish (Parts 1 & 2)

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Full PDF Instructions for Dingotone Natural Guitar and Neck Finish available under Guides

International customers – We are not able to ship Dingotone products outside of Australia at this point in time