TL-1 Black Pickup and Hardware Upgrade

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Set off your TL guitar with all black hardware.

Nothing looks as good as all black hardware on a guitar.  Whether you’re setting off a sophisticated Ash finish or building a Gothic TL Guitar, this upgrade has everything you will need to “Blackify” your project.  The pack includes black scratchplate, bridge, output jack, strap buttons, machine heads, screws and more.

Suitable for all TL kits.  Left hand hardware packs available by custom order for the same price.


AUD $54.95 incl. GST

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The TL-1 Black Pickup and Hardware Upgrade Kit Includes:

  • Black scratchplate
  • 6 Black machine heads (with black inserts and screws)
  • Black pickups
  • Black TL style Bridge
  • Black control panel (volume, tone and 3 way switch)
  • Black output jack
  • Black screws, strap holders and string posts
  • Black neck plate
  • Lead, allen keys and spare strings