Pit Bull Guitars Hall of Fame July 7, 2014

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Guitar of the Month Hall of Fame

Every month we ask our panel of judges (or Special Guest Judge) to pick the Guitar of the Month.

Here are the Winners of all our Guitar of the Month Competitions since we opened in August 2012.

December 2015

Arzi MMB-4

Arzi’s MMB-4

November 2015


Ejay’s IB-5

October 2015


Island Moose’s FS-1G

September 2015

Bargeloobs STA-1 hom

Bargeloob’s STA-1

August 2015

Geoffs GR-1SF FBook

Jeff’s GR-1SF

July 2015

Daveysons lp-1ssFB

Daveyson’s LP-1SS

June 2015

neverwas RC-4 home

Neverwas’ RC-4

May 2015

Andrew Walker PRS-1S

Andrew Walker’s PRS-1S

April 2015

Gav Turner STA-1 Home

Gavin Turner’s STA-1

March 2015

Shoota ST-1 HP

Shoota’s ST-1

February 2015


Neverwas’ ES-2V

January 2015

PBG Home

Tim’s awesome Hellboy JB-4 and Wokka’s stunning TLA-1.

December 2014


VH2580’s ES-1GT

November 2014


Bargeloobs TL-1 “Bladecatcher” (also Solid Body Guitar of the Year 2014)

October 2014

Dave Haen’s ES-2T with custom upgrades

September 2014

Lunatic RC-4 thumb

LunaticThigh’s RC-4 (also Bass Guitar of the Year 2014)

August 2014

trevors tl1

Trevor Rawling’s TL-1

July 2014

Gav ESB-4 facebook

Gavin Turner’s ESB-4 in Sunburst

June 2014

Barge LP

Bargeloob’s LP-1SS in Matt Black

May 2014


Wokka’s STA-1

April 2014

Johnnys RC-1 Home

Johnny Chronic’s RC-1 (and Hollow body Guitar of the Year 2014!)

March 2014


AndyPort’s JM- Paisley

February 2014

PabloPepper PBH-4 200

PabloPepper’s PBH-4

January 2014


Joint Winners – AndyPort’s JR-1DC and Jarrod’s TL-1 Aces High

December 2013


Robin’s STA-1  Ash Strat in Black

November 2013

Andy ES1GT 1

AndyPort’s ES-1GT

October 2013

Marcus ST-1

Marcus’ Carved ST-1

September 2013

AndyLP1-2    DanST1-3

Joint Winners again – AndyPort’s LP-1 and Dan’s ST-1

August 2013

Robin's IB-5 200

Robin’s IB-5

July 2013

Alex's LP-1 Dark Tease 1 200

Alex’s LP-1 in Dark Tease

June 2013

AJ LP1 2

AJ’s LP-1

May 2013

Pablo TL 1

Pablo Pepper and Dave’s Relic’d TL-1

April 2013

Glenn TL-1 home

Glenn’s “Yellow Peril” TL-1

March 2013

FV1 Wokka

Wokka’s FV-1G (Yep, 2 wins in a row)

February 2013

Wokka LP-1S

Wokka’s LP-1S

January 2013

ST1 Gallery 05

Before he became one of the PBG team, Dingobass was a valued customer who just happened to build his own awesome basses guitars.  Here’s his first Pit Bull Guitars build, a wax finished ST-1.  This took out Guitar of the Month for January 2013.

December 2012

TL-1 Pablo

Pablo Pepper’s TL-1

November 2012


Nick’s LP-1

October 2012


Nadienne’s LP-1 Swirl

September 2012


The very first winner of Guitar of the Month went (by default) to Adam and Phil, the founders of Pit Bull Guitars, for their JM-1 build.  Yes, it was the only entry. (Currently residing in DB’s spare parts bin)