IB-5 DIY Electric 5-String Bass Guitar Kit

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IB-5 DIY Electric Bass Guitar Kit (Fretless)

Neck is Fretless, with no fretboard inlays, but does have side dots

Whether you add a high B for some funky, slapping madness or a low B for some deep, dark, death metal growls, this 5 string bass will meet your demanding needs.

The bass is powered by two Humbucker pick ups and is complete with hardware.

The light, highly figured Ash body is nicely featured and will certainly benefit from your choice of Dingotone 100% Natural Guitar Finish.


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Swap Black hardware for Chrome Hardware

Copper Shielding Tape

add Copper Tape to shield your pickup and control cavities, to get rid of annoying electrical “hum”

Headstock Decal

Which colour Pit Bull Guitars Headstock Decal would you like?

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Pit Bull Guitars IB-5 DIY Bass Kit Includes:

  • Highly figured Ash body
  • Maple Neck (bolt-on, C profile) and Rosewood Fretboard
  • No fretboard inlays but does have side dots
  • 34″ Scale with 24 medium jumbo frets
  • Complete with Black hardware
  • 2 humbucker pick ups
  • 2 volume and 2 tone knobs
  • Die cast machine heads
  • Lead
  • Strap buttons
  • All electronics (pots, caps, wires and solder)
  • Set of Bass Strings (5 Strings)
  • FREE Shipping – Anywhere in Australia
  • Level of Soldering Difficulty: Advanced – there are a number of solders that can be challenging for new builders.

This kit includes everything you need to build a complete, playable guitar.  Nothing else to buy except your choice of finish.

Weight 4.4 kg
Dimensions 72 × 50 × 8 cm


  1. brandon

    Love it! Can I ask what stain it is that is used in the model please 🙂

  2. brandon

    I am 3/4 way in the process of making one, one of the major problems was the wood, particularly the grain, since my cut of wood had really REALLY deep pores and stuff which made it difficult to do the stain I wanted. I just did the best I could and will use some markers to fill in gaps. Also the glue wasn’t the best, parts of the wood did seem to chip off where it had been glued; that was a pain in the ass hahaha. I ended up doing a satin finish on my deep blue stain to try bring out the wood without all the shine as well. I’m going to install the electronics soon and then string it up 🙂 BUT in regards to the design of the guitar, I’d prefer that the back cover would be sunk in so that it would be flush with the guitar, rather than it be stuck on the back, sticking out. Also, how the neck and the headstock are two different pieces of wood, I’d rather it be joined higher up the neck, perhaps at the nut instead of around fret 5? And also a straight cut rather than diagonal because I didn’t really want the line between the bits of wood to show so much. It’s less obvious when it’s straighter. Thanks 🙂

  3. brandon

    ok i made one and I’m not quite satisfied. the pickups are poorly placed and makes it more difficult to slap cos no space. also the nut was way too big and we had to make it smaller cos you couldn’t play on the first fret. the adjustable pickup height is kinda handy tho cos i like playing with a lower action. besides that the guitar plays alright, minor fret buzz on mine cos action is too too low lol i put a deep blue stain on it and the grain is realllllllllllllllllly deep which was a pain. theres a spot where the stain just wouldn’t go properly.

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