Entwistle AS57-B Single Coil Pickup (Alnico) – Bridge


AS 57 Bridge Pickup

The AS57 is a traditional vintage alnico single coil with crystal sparkling highs, warm mids and a well defined low end. Traditional materials are used with AlNiCo V pole pieces, fibre board bobbin and enamel coated winding wire which is scatter-wound direct to the core. This attention to materials and construction detail ensures authentic vintage tone. The middle pickup (AS57RW) is reverse wound so that hum is cancelled when used in combination with either the neck or bridge pickups.

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Entwistle AS57-B Single Coil Pickup (Alnico) – Bridge

  • Pole Spacing (1st to 6th centres) – 52mm
  • DCR (DC Resistance) Manufacturers Spec. – 6.5 K Ohms
  • Magnetics – Alnico
  • Potting – Wax Potted

Size and dimensions: Single Coil Drawing