Entwistle HVX-B – Humbucker Pickup (Ceramic Bar) – Bridge


HVX Bridge Pickup

The HVX is an overwound, traditional humbucker utilizing a composite earth magnet. It delivers a bright top end, accentuated mids, and tight lows making it ideal for Heavy Rock, traditional Metal and more. The single coil mode on this pickup is truly excellent making it an ideal choice for Humbucker-Humbucker with a 5 way mega switch, or Humbucker-Single-Humbucker arrangements. We think it is the most versatile pickup available today.

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Entwistle HVX-B – Humbucker Pickup (Ceramic Bar) – Bridge

  • Pole Spacing (1st to 6th centres) – 52.5mm
  • DCR (DC Resistance) Manufacturers Spec. – 12.0 K Ohms
  • Magnetics – Ceramic
  • Potting – Wax Potted

Size and dimensions: Humbucker Drawing