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Entwistle PBXN Bass Pickup (Neodymium) for PB Style Basses


PBXN – Bass Pickup for PB Style Basses

The PBXN retains the eight hard nickel pole pieces of the PBX in Entwistle’s stress magnetic field, but using Neodymium magnets in place of the ceramic of the PBX to take advantage of the higher output power and greater definition that Neodymium provides. These are serious upgrades, they articulate extremely well!

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Entwistle PBXN Pickup for PB Style Basses

  • Pole Spacing (1st to 6th centres) – 60mm
  • DCR (DC Resistance) Manufacturers Spec. – 8.4 K Ohms
  • Magnetics – Neodymium
  • Potting – Wax Potted

Size and dimensions: PBX Drawing