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Entwistle X3-B – Humbucker Pickup (Ceramic Bar) – Bridge


X3 – Bridge Pickup

The X3 is a modern humbucker featuring ‘blade’ poles and ceramic bar magnetics resulting in a highly dynamic pickup that senses across a wide frequency range. It works very well in Parallel mode (unlike most humbuckers) in that it retains a single coil like fluidity, especially in the neck position. It is of course an equally powerful and dynamic bridge unit and it has become the pickup of choice for a number guitar manufacturers who are fitting X3s to their more ‘edgy’ models.

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Entwistle X3-B – Humbucker Pickup (Ceramic Bar) – Bridge

  • Pole Spacing (1st to 6th centres) – 52.5mm
  • DCR (DC Resistance) Manufacturers Spec. – 15.5 K Ohms
  • Magnetics – Ceramic
  • Potting – Vacuum Processed

Size and dimensions: Humbucker Drawing