Tonerider TRH1B-ZA Rocksong Bridge – Zebra (Humbucker)


Rocksong Set – TRH1 – Bridge Pickup – Zebra

Overwound pickups that do everything from Larry Carlton to Van Halen.

Used by some of the world’s leading custom guitar makers, the Rocksong is the perfect hybrid vintage pickup. This pickup retains 100% of the boutique hand-wound tone that players demand.
The bridge pickup is based on a super-charged PAF, offering power and dynamics with a clear top end.

  • The all-round vintage-improved package – great sustain, smooth, powerful, with the brightness and tonal complexity of boutique handwound pickups.
  • Available in black or zebra, or with highly polished gold or silver covers
  • DC Resistance: 12k (bridge)
  • Magnets: Alnico II
  • Wiring Diagram here

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Humbuckers from Tonerider

From their vintage Alnico IV Classic PAF-style pickup set, to the in-your-face power of the Generator bridge pickup, we have the perfect humbucker for your instrument! All Tonerider humbuckers are made with premium quality components and guaranteed for five years.

  • All parts are custom-made for the best tone possible – no standard parts are being used
  • All models available in four colours – black, zebra, nickel and gold.
  • Calibrated winding for even volume balance across all five standard positions.
  • High-gloss deluxe bobbins – no other humbucker on the market has the same lustre and shine.
  • Four-conductor wiring is standard on all models
  • Screws and springs included in the box!
  • All coils scatterwound on our 999-step CNC winding machines.
  • All coils wax-potted to avoid feedback at high-gain settings.

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